Click Image....Get Tickets!!

Click Image....Get Tickets!!

The Fort Mill High School Booster Club raises funds to support 20 teams so our students can enjoy a wide range of athletic experiences. Funds raised through concessions, sponsorships, fund raising and donations help pay for equipment, facilities, team travel, uniforms and more. From football and basketball, to Golf, swimming and tennis, the Booster Club supports the extracurricular activities that broaden the horizons of all our students.  Nearly a third of our student population is involved in Fort Mill High School Athletic Programs and more than one third of those students play more than one sport. That makes the Athletic population of our school, and those who support them, a critical part of our school community. With that in mind, the Athletic Booster Club was born. Our Mission is to financially support our Athletes and teams through fundraising and to promote the growth of the whole student athlete.

For over a decade, the FMHS Booster Club has been there to help make it all happen. Each year, we raise thousands of dollars through concession stand sales at every athletic facility, membership contributions and other fundraisers. These dollars go directly to support each and every team at FMHS that contribute to the creation of balanced human beings and a memorable high school career.


Operated and sustained by volunteers, the Fort Mill High School Booster Club is a non-profit organization that draws its members from the entire community: parents, alumni, coaches, teachers, high school staff, and local businesses. We are united by our determination to provide the best possible experience for FMHS student athletes. As the county school budget continues to tighten, the athletic department is left more and more to fend for itself. Without the continuing support of the Athletic Booster Club, much of the team equipment and facilities improvements could not be done.


Through volunteerism and fundraising, the Booster Club is able to offer financial assistance to these various programs that may not otherwise be available.

These kids are our future – we need to invest in them.

All members are eligible to attend monthly meetings of the Booster Club to foster communication between faculty, coaches and parents of FHMS.  Members also vote on allocation of funds to various sports.  Over just the last few years, the booster club has raised thousands of dollars for your student athletes.


We are proud to help provide significant financial support for the activities and experiences that enable our high school to provide a full and rich experience in and out of the classroom. Won’t you join us?

     “If the students, teachers, coaches and parents work together, there is no limit to what can be accomplished!."