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Important Info


Athlete/Parent/Coach Agreement

Each Athlete will sign this agreement before each season. 

Activity Fee

If you have not done so, please pay your activity fee. The athletes willing not be able to participate if this fee is not paid. If they are unable to compete on the regional level, they will not be able to compete on the state level.

Please see the instructions to pay the track fee for the upcoming season.

  1. Go to
  2.  Go to Home - > Registrations and fees
  3. Scroll Down to High School Registration
  4. Click on Nation Ford High School Registration
  5. Click continue at the bottom
  6. Fill out the form appropriately (Select TRACK when you get to the payment option).

Volunteers Needed

We are getting a head start in preparing for the upcoming track season in 2019. We will need help in the areas below. The most immediate need is someone who has a background in accounting and someone who has experience in fundraising.

Sign up here

  • Concession Stands 2019
  • Senior Night
  • End of Season Ceremony
  • Accounting
  • Communications
  • Newsletter
  • Fundraising

Sign up here


Our favorite topic! We know that fundraising can be dreadful however it’s a necessary evil. Fundraising is how the track team pays for equipment, sand, entry fees, travel, coaches and etc. It is important that all athletes participate so that we benefit as a team. Below are possible expenses for the upcoming season.

Timer (2) - $800 each

Senior Banners - $400

Coaches Classic - $150

Bojangles Classic $240

Starter for Home Meet - $80

Coach’s Salaries - $3,000

Year End Estimated Event - $500

Join Booster Club

  • Support the track team is by joining the Booster Club which costs $40. As a member, you receive voting rights on all NFHS ABC business, decal, VIP parking pass (1 per family), NAFO magnet, dedicated "fast pass" concessions line and merchandise and concession discount specials. Most importantly, the track team will receive $15 of the $40 paid. Just make sure to put "track" in the team of your choice field. Here the link to join:

Senior Info Needed

Parents, if your child is a senior, they will be recognized during a home meet. Please click the link below and provide the appropriate information about your athlete. Parents are asked to walk the senior down the field. Pictures can be taken and dress is casual. 

Needed Info for Senior Athlete

Taking Athletes Home from Track Meets

  • In order to take athletes home from track meets, you must print out and complete the transportation waiver and give it to the coach before any athlete will be allowed to leave. We would like for the athletes to stay together to build each other up. Obviously, if there are legitimate reasons for them to get picked up early- family emergency, homework assignment due, etc. that is what the original intent of the transportation waiver was for. The forms are listed in the under forms and information. Effective April 2nd, all Varsity athletes will be required to remain at all track meets until after the last event concludes. The only exception will be for those athletes that will have competed in (4) events already prior to the last event. This expectation is clearly stated in all varsity applications and will help to avoid confusion at the end of track meets going forward

Varsity vs. JV

  • In order for an athlete to be considered Varsity, they must have earned 5 points or more for the team in region competitions. Points are earned by placing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in region meets and the points earned are 5, 3, and 1 point respectively
Coach Christopher Ross

Coach Christopher Ross

Head Coach

Phone: 267-290-8213

School Information


Nation Ford High School
1400 A.O. Jones Blvd
Fort Mill, SC 29715
Phone: (803) 835-0000
Fax: (803) 835-0010

For more information please contact:

James Shackleford

James Shackleford

Athletic Director

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