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Dancing with the Stars 2016 Online Auction is Open

Dancing with the Stars 2016 Online Auction is Open

02/12/2016, 10:30am EST
By Celia McCarter

See and bid on DWTS FM 2016 Auctions items online Now!

Silent Auction Directions
The online website is:
Preparing to Bid
1. Each bidder must create an account and login.
2. No payment information is necessary in this step.
Bidding Rules
1. Bidders do NOT have to be present to win.
2. Each item has a starting bid and an incremental bidding amount. There are pictures of most items along with descriptions.
3. Bidding is open 24/7. Auction closes 9:30 pm on Saturday, February 13th. At that point, the auction is closed. HOWEVER, if an item is "outbid" after 9:27 pm, then that item will remain open for an additional 3 minutes (until 9:33 pm). If there is not another bid, the bidding for this item closes. If the item is outbid within 3 minutes, then the item will remain open. ALL BIDDING - no matter what - CLOSES at 10:00 pm on Saturday, February 13th.
4. Exact Bids – This is a one-time bid for the amount that you specify.
5. Proxy Bids – Allow 32Auctions to bid for you! By placing a proxy bid, the bidder enters the maximum amount he wishes to pay for that item. As others bid on that item, 32Auctions will bid for you up to your maximum (or Proxy) Bid amount. NOTE: Maximum bid amounts are confidential unless you are outbid.
6. In looking at the bidding history, 2 people may appear to have bid the same amount. In this case, 32Auctions considers the first person who placed that amount as the “winning” bid. For that reason, all Proxy Bids will “win” or “outbid” Exact bid amounts.
Auction Winners
1. If an auction winner is present at the DWTS FM event, he may pick up his item(s) at the conclusion of the show. He may pay with cash, check or credit card during the 2nd intermission.
2. If not, he may pick up his items(s) at the FMSD Office (located at 2233 Deerfield Drive, Fort Mill, SC) on Tuesday, February 16th-Friday, February 19th from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. After February 19th, items will be forfeited and given to the second highest bidder. Please contact the Silent Auction Chair, Celia McCarter at (803) 493-8593, if pick up arrangements need to be made after 4:30 pm. Winning bidders who live out-of-town will be notified so that item(s) may be mailed.

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