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Basketball Injuries in High School Players

Stop and start injuries, such as ankle sprains, are common for baseball players. Luckily most of these injuries can be treated symptomatically.

Dr. Jason Silva, a Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon at OrthoCarolina Matthews, shares typical basketball injury treatment options from braces to walking boots, along with recovery time recommendations.

Expert Tip: If a basketball player has suffered previous ankle injuries, they may benefit from ankle taping or ankle braces, which offer side to side movement stability, and can help prevent additional injuries.

In the pre-season, basketball players should also incorporate single leg balance exercises into their routine. These exercises work to strengthen the tendons and ligaments around the ankle joints, in addition to building overall lower leg muscles.

Single Leg Exercise Example:

  1. Stand on one foot, holding the foot just slightly off the ground.
  2. Count slowly from one to ten, holding the foot in the air. Keep your focus forward.
  3. Switch feet and repeat.
  4. Repeat the set (right leg and left leg) multiple times. 
  5. Continue until you can hold for 30 seconds per foot.

Wrestling Injuries in High School Players

Injuries in wrestlers are common, and many types of injuries wrestlers are treated for can’t be prevent. It’s just the nature of the sport, according to Dr. Scott O'Neal, a Sports Medicine Surgeon with OrthoCarolina Ballantyne. However, Dr. O’Neal notes that being conditioned in advance of wrestling season is helpful to avoid overtraining injuries.

Dr. O’Neal most commonly treats wrestlers for three common injuries:

  • Shoulder Separation
  • Elbow Dislocation
  • Traumatic Knee Bursitis

These injuries most often occur when wrestlers are driven or thrown to the mat.

Dr. O’Neal shares common treatments for these three injuries, and provides recommendations on whether injured players should seek immediate treatment versus using tool such as ice or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Expert Tip: Wrestlers should make sure to get properly fitted knee pads, when fit properly, knee pads can help prevent knee bursitis.

Shoulder Injuries in High School Swimmers

Swimmers shoulder, often caused by overuse or improper freestyle, is an injury commonly seen in high school athletes.

When Dr. Robert Morgan, a Sports Medicine Surgeon with OrthoCarolina Concord, treats swimmers shoulder he typically recommends:

  • Rest, swimmers should take a short break from the pool
  • Anti-inflammatory and ice treatments
  • Shoulder exercises, strengthening and stretches

Swimmers should work on improving technique, which will decrease the stress to the shoulder joint and reduce pain.

Expert Tip: Shoulder exercises and strengthening are key for swimmers to avoid injuries. To view top cross training exercise for swimmers, click here!