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Planet HS Pre-Participation and Sign Up

Planet HS Pre-Participation and Sign Up Forms

All athletes will be required to satisfy their eligibility requirements through Planet HS for the 2017-18 school year and all future years. The athlete and parent will sign up for an account through Planet HS and will be required to upload a new physical every year as well as fill out new concussion forms. Grades will be handled by the NFHS athletic administrative staff through PowerSchool, but the initial year will require a birth certificate to be uploaded to the system. Please see the documents to the left for sign up information. Your sport does not have to be in season to begin the process. The system will connect all information as rosters are added and elements are confirmed by the administrative team. For all of those who have physicals through the Heart of Champions program, we will upload those scans for you once you have signed up for the system. Thank you for your cooperation and participation in the system. Our goal is to 100% paperless for all eligibility from this season on.