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FMHS Boys Tennis 2019 Season Scores

Mar 6 Fort Mill Lancaster 5-1
Mar 12 Fort Mill Northwestern 6-0
Mar 14 Fort Mill @ Clover 6-0
Mar 16 Fort Mill @ Zaxby's Invitational 23 pts (winner)
Mar 19 Fort Mill Nation Ford 4-2
Mar 21 Fort Mill @ Rock Hill 6-0
Mar 25 Fort Mill Marvin Ridge
Mar 28 Fort Mill @ Northwestern
Apr 1 Fort Mill @ Lancaster
Apr 2 Fort Mill Clover
Apr 4 Fort Mill @ Nation Ford
Apr 9 Fort Mill Rock Hill

Recent Fort Mill Boys Tennis News

Fort Mill has hired Heather Klipa, 31, to be its next head girls’ basketball coach.


2019 Tryout Information

All male students from 7th thru 12th trying out for Boys Tennis need to have a completed account with Arbiter Athlete.  This is required for both parents and players.  This must be completed before tryouts.  The first date for Boys Tennis tryouts will be January 28, 2019 at the FMHS tennis courts at 4:00pm.  Practice will be from 4:00 til 5:30pm.  Additional information will be given out on the 1st date of practice.   Reminder:  All paperwork must be in computer by 1/24/2019 in order to be cleared by Coach Hartsoe  for 1/28/19 practice.

Lancaster 3/6/19

Fort Mill Boys Tennis defeated Lancaster 5-1 in Wednesday's match.  Season record is 1-0.


1. Isaac Thomas (L) def. Josh Hall (FM) (6-4)(6-4)

2.  Zach Dodson (FM) def. Brevon McKinney (L) (6-0)(6-1)

3.  Taylor Bogucki (FM)  def. Conner Parman (L) (6-7)4(6-4)(10-8)

4.  Charles Lynch (FM) def Jake Sapp (L) (6-1)(6-0)

5.  Ethan Barger (FM) def. Preston Bailey (L) (6-1)(6-0)


2.  Trey Robertson/Wade Havnaer (FM) def. Hunter Sims/Hudson Mize (L)  (6-0)(6-0)

JV Match

1.  Sean Murri (FM) def. Dalton Wilson (L)  (8-1)

2.  Ryan Lake (FM) def. Cody Ayers (L) (8-0)

Northwestern 3/12/19

FMHS Boys tennis defeated Northwestern 6-0 on yesterday.  Season record is now 2-0.


1.  Josh Hall (FM) def.  Patrick Gibson (NW) (6-1)(6-1)

2.  Zach Dodson (FM) def. George Barbery (NW) (6-1)(6-0)

3.  Taylor Bogucki (FM) def. Justin Jackson (NW) (6-1)(6-0)

4.  Charles Lynch (FM) def. Nathan Moore (NW) (6-0)(6-0)

5.  Trey Robertson (FM) def. Phoenix Skipper (NW) (6-1)(6-2)


2.  Ethan Barger/Wade Havnaer (FM) def. Tyler Olthof/Jacob Moore (NW) (6-1)(6-1)


1.  Simon Huertas del Pino (FM) def. Adam (NW) (8-0)

2.  Gabe (NW) def. Sammy Mullis (FM)  (8-6)

3.  Tejas Padmanabhan (FM) def. Joseph (NW)  (8-5)

4 Dillion Fraser (FM) def. Skyler (NW) (8-1)


1.  Ian Rimmer/Justin Yang (FM) def. Westn//Luke (NW) (8-1)

2.  George Lynch/Clay Wilson (FM) def. Jackson/Josh (NW) (8-1)

Please come out and support your yellow Jackets.


Clover 3/14/19

The FMHS Boys Tennis won yesterday's match, 6-0.  Season record is now 3-0.


1.  Josh Hall (FM) def. Marco Ward (C) (7-6)5(6-3)

2.  Zach Dodson (FM) def. Jesse Holbon (C) (6-2)(6-1)

3.  Taylor Bogucki (FM) def. Mills Hutchins (C) (7-6)1(6-2)

4.  Charles  Lynch (FM) def. Jack Bantley (C) (7-5)(6-2)

5.  Trey Robertson (FM) def. Will Holbon (C) (6-1)(6-1)


2.  Dillion Fraser/Simon Huertas del Pino (FM) def. Jonathan Brochu/Isaac Parker (C) (6-0)(6-3)

Team will play on Saturday at the Boiling Spring's Tournament.

Boiling Springs Tournament

FMHS Boys Tennis came out victorious on Saturday in the Boiling Springs Tennis Tournament.  We won 6 out of 7 flights to win the team trophy.  All team members made the finals and completing 6 wins for FMHS.  Flight winners were:

Flight 2 - Zach Dodson

Flight 3 - Taylor Bogucki

Flight 4 -  Charles Lynch

Flight 5 -  Trey Robertson

Flight 1D -  Dillion Fraser/Simon Huertas del Pino

Flight 2D -  Wade Havnaer/Ethan Barger

Nation Ford 3/19/19

FMHS Boys Tennis Team defeated their cross town rivals 4-2.  Season record is now 4-0.


1.  Josh Hall (FM) def. Garrett May (NF) (6-4)(4-6)(10-7)

2.  Ian Drane (NF) def. Zach Dodson (FM) (6-3)(6-3)

3.  Anish K. (NF) def. TaylorBogucki (FM) (6-0)(6-3)

4.  Charles Lynch (FM) def. Gage Penbert (NF) (7-5)(6-1)

5.  Trey Robertson (FM) def. Shiv Patel (NF) (6-2)(6-3)


2D.  Dillion Fraser/Simon Huertas del Pino (FM) def. Eric Finley/Alex Maculley  (NF)  (6-2)(6-2)

Will play Rock Hill on 3/21/19 at 5:00pm. 

Rock Hill High 3/21/19

FMHS Boys Tennis  won a hard fight against Rock Hill , 6-0.  Season record is now 5-0.


1.  Josh Hall (FM) def. Vic Villamor (RH)  (6-4)(6-3)

2.  Zach Dodson (FM) def. Henry Sharp (RH)  (6-1)(6-1)

3.  Taylor Bogucki (FM) def. Whit Strickland (RH) (3-6)(6-2)(11-9)

4.  Charles Lynch (FM) def. Jeremy Deller (RH) (6-1)(6-1)

5.  Trey Robertson (FM) def. Henry Futch (RH) (4-6)(7-5)(14-12)


2D.  Ethan Barger/Wade Havnaer (FM) def. Ronnin Harrison/Christian Ellis (RH) (6-3)(3-6)(10-5)

Next match is at home against Marvin Ridge on 3/25/19 , Monday.

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For more information please contact:

Willie Ware

Head Coach

2019 Schedule

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Recent Fort Mill Boys Tennis News

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