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Basketball Games (W/L):
   -PK Games 11/29: 7th Girls (L) - Boys (L) | 8th Girls (L) - Boys (L)
FC Games 12/2: 7th Girls (W) - Boys (W) | 8th Girls (L) - Boys (L)
BT Games 12/9: 7th Girls (W) - Boys (W) | 8th Girls (L) - Boys (W)
GH Games 12/13: 7th Girls (W) - Boys (W) | 8th Girls (L) - Boys (L)
IL Games 12/16: 7th Girls (L) - Boys (L) | 8th Girls (L) - Boys (L)
FM Games 12/20: 7th Girls (W) - Boys (W) | 8th Girls (L) - Boys (L)
PK Games 1/6: 7th Girls (W) - Boys (L) | 8th Girls (L) - Boys (L)
FC Games 1/10: 7th Girls (W) - Boys (W) | 8th Girls (L) - Boys (L)
BT Games 1/20: 7th Girls () - Boys () | 8th Girls () - Boys ()

SMS Basketball

School Information

Springfield Middle School
1711 Springfield Parkway
Fort Mill, SC 29715
Phone: (803) 548-8199
Fax: (803) 547-1013

Directions to Springfield Middle School

Picture Day ID #: EVTQTNBSQ

For more information please contact:

Dr. Ernest Tolbert Jr.

Dr. Ernest Tolbert Jr.

SMS - Certified Athletic Director

Jim Wilke

SMS Assistant Principal

Joe Andrews

7th Grade Girls Head Coach

Markye Branton

8th Grade Girls Head Coach

Brett Walters

7th Grade Boys Head Coach

Will McSwain

8th Grade Boys Head Coach

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