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2017-2018 Middle School Wrestling Schedule

Middle School Wrestling Q & A

Question: Can I still join?

Answer: YES! However you can not participation until you have completed the necessary eligibility paperwork.

Question: When does the middle school wrestling season start and end?

Answer: Wrestling will begin Monday, Nov 6th and end after the Fort Mill match on Tuesday, Jan 23rd.

Question: What days and times are wrestling practice? 

Answer: Middle school wrestling practices are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6-8pm, and Saturday 9-11am.

Question: How do I pay the $100 Athletic Fee?  

Answer: The athletic fee will be paid through the Nation Fords Athletic Portal (the link is active.     

Question: How do I complete eligibility paperwork? 

Answer: Below are the instructions for completing the necessary Fort Mill Schools Paperwork for participation

All Forms Must Be Completed On-Line Prior To Trying Out or Practicing For ALL Sports.

  1. Go to and click “sign up”
  2. Parent AND student need to make separate accounts
  3. Once logged in to either parent or student account:
    • Click Athletic Forms
    • Click Athletic Participation
    • Scroll down and click “link accounts” and enter the email address of parent/student who needs to be linked.
      • The other person will follow the same steps on their account except they will now see the invite and click “approve”
    • Once the accounts are linked, you will follow steps A-B again and then scroll all the way to the bottom
    • Click on each of the forms and complete them appropriately.
      • Physical EXAM form and Birth Certificate will need to be uploaded pictures (make sure it is the page of the physical with doctor’s signature, we don’t need the other pages).

Parent and student will both have to click on these links from their separate accounts because both signatures will be required before it will be approved.

Planet HS Quick Instructions for a link to download the above listed directions.

Here is a link to  the Student-Parent Edition of the Pre-Participation Manual that gives greater detail for submitting paperwork online.

Question: When are spirit pack orders due?

Answer: Our first spirit pack due Friday Oct. 27th (2nd order due Nov. 17th).

Question: Who do we turn our spirt pack orders into?

Answer: Fort Mill wrestlers need to turn their spirit pack orders into Coach Peltier. Springfield wrestlers need to turn their spirit pack orders into Coach Kugler. Spirit pack orders can also be dropped off in the main office at Nation Ford High School

Question: What are the middle school weights classes?

Answer: 82, 90, 98, 105, 112, 119, 126, 132, 138, 145, 155, 167, 185 and unlimited. To compete in the unlimited division, a student must weigh a minimum of 185 lbs.

Question: What does my wrestler need to wear for practice?

Answer: T-shirt (preferably compression) and shorts. Long sleeve shirt / hoodie if we go outside. Wrestlers will need wrestling shoes head gear is not required for practice HOWEVER it is required for matches. Wrestlers with braces will need an orthotic mouth piece for competition. Wrestlers with long hair will need a special hair net (see below for a list of were these items can be purchased).

Question: What does the school provide?

Answer: The school will provide a singlet.

Question: Where can I buy wrestling shoes? 

Answer: Any sports equipment store or online. HIGHLY recommend trying on shoes before ordering online. 

Question: Where can I by wrestling head gear?

Answer: Once again you can buy head gear at sports equipment store or online. There are two major types of head gear (*if you have long hair or an face injury you will need a special type of head gear).

1. Headgear with Velcro straps (two examples)

Cliff Keen Fusion Headgear  or Cliff Keen Tornado Headgear

Advantage: Easily adjustable, especially good for young wrestlers. 

Disadvantage: Not as durable as fixed tension models. However these head gear can still last for a wrestlers whole middle school and high school career.

2. Head Gear with Fixed Tension (two examples)  

 Custom Throwback Headgear 

Advantage: Highly durable and very reliable. 

Disadvantage: Takes significant time to readjust and fit headgear. Best for seasoned wrestlers. 

*If your wrestler has long hair they will need a hair cap that connects to their head gear. Mat Man Hair Cap

*If you wrestler were to break their nose or have a facial injury they may need face mask. Cliff Keen Head and Face Mask Guard

Question: Does my wrestler have to shower after practice? 

Answer: No, HOWEVER if your wrestler must bring antibacterial wipes Defense wipes are the most affective wipes on the market. DO NOT GET CLORAX WIPES!!!!

Question: On match day how will my student get from school to the match?

Answer: A bus will pick up students at Fort Mill & Springfield Middle Schools. The event will determine which coach is supervising your wrestler from the bus to the competition. Coach Snell or Coach Peltier will be the coach supervising wrestlers on their way to an event.

Question: Will my wrestler leave school early for some wrestling events?

Answer: Yes, this will very on the event. We will inform you in weekly email which events we will leave school early for. 


Beginning Monday, November 2nd,
wrestlers from FMMS to NFHS
will ride
bus #67, Ms. Dot O'Leary's bus.
She will pick them up along with her FMMS route and drop them off at NFHS when she arrives there to pick up her high school route.

School Information

Fort Mill Middle School
200 Springfield Parkway
Fort Mill, SC 29715-8403
Phone: (803) 547-5553
Fax: (803) 548-2911

Directions to Fort Mill Middle

From I-77, traveling north:  Take exit 88 (Gold Hill Road); turn right at the traffic light at the end of the exit onto Springfield Parkway; travel through four traffic lights; continue for another two miles; the entrance to Fort Mill Middle School will be on the left.

From I-77, traveling south:  Take exit 88 (Gold Hill Road); turn left at the traffic light at the end of the exit onto Springfield Parkway; travel through five traffic lights; continue for another two miles; the entrance to Fort Mill Middle School will be on the left.

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